Our process

The diligent care required over the years it takes to prepare the cattle for harvest has a significant cost investment. There are several factors required to produce a premium product. First, you must have premium high marbling genetics, proper nutrition (especially during the 60-day marbling window and during the finishing stage), a low stress environment and a long fed diet for Wagyu. This approach to raising cattle incurs a much higher cost than that of your conventional grocery store beef. The results are worth it!

Family Farming since 1878

It takes time

Our process takes 3 years from breeding to grill.  Resulting in great tasting beef!

Know where your beef comes from

Our Herd …

  • Superior Genetics (the best of the best)
  • High quality forage and grain for a more slow and natural growth
  • Low Stress Environment
  • “Marbling Window” – 60 day marbling window starting prior to weaning is capitalized on to develop necessary intramuscular fat cells that are critical to marbling during the finishing phase. This marbling window is typically missed with feed lot programs.

Our Genetics …

It’s about breeding the best with the best. At Rocky Forge Farm we have a full- blooded Wagyu herd bull, “Samson”, that was selected to bring together size, meat tenderness and easy calving.

“Samson” is registered with the American Wagyu Association and his Sire is the famous World K Haruki (FB1614) consisting of 56% Tajima. Tajima is known for excellent marbling!

Our Angus cows are selected to produce some of the best F1 Wagyu you can get. The result is a delightful marriage of the beefy taste Angus provides with the velvety marbling and rich taste Wagyu are known for.

The goal at Rocky Forge Farm is to produce prime plus meat with locally grown F1 Wagyu.

Our Land …

Our family has been farming this land since 1878. In 1998 when we started farming, we knew that good meat comes from good grass and hay.

So, we set out to improve the soil by testing, then fertilizing where necessary. Using cover crops with lime applications and forage analysis. This results in high quality hay, reduced carbon footprint and the best tasting locally grown beef.

Our Forage …

Our hay consists of a mixture of orchard, timothy, fescue and crimson clover. All grown on our farm. Rocky Forge Farm produces all the hay we feed our Wagyu.

Through regular inspection of the soil, land and hay we can offer premium quality hay that does not require the need for costly transportation thus doing our part to reduce our carbon emissions.

High quality forage for a slower natural growth.

Our routine …

We baby our cattle! By spending a lot of time with them daily, offering free head scratches and keeping a close eye on any changes. We know our herd! In the spring and fall our local large animal Veterinarian comes to the farm for routine checks.

We focus on creating a low stress environment with a small herd of high-quality cattle rather than quantity. Wagyu have a special “marbling” gene that is switched on in low stress environments. Happy equals marbling!

And we think you will agree, it makes a big difference in the taste and health benefits of our locally produced Wagyu meat.

How to experience rff wagyu

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